Digital Advertising Tool

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Advertising has evolved. New Ad technologies are advancing at break-neck speeds. We help you reach and appeal your core audience in an innovative manner and precision. Today’s buyers are interacting with brands through multiple channels and devices. We offer endless opportunities to engage your customers personally and across channels.

Ad Crafting

Modern buyers want personalized, one-on-one conversations with brands at the right place and at the right time. We craft those seamless conversations with our state of the art designs, content and technology. Your ads are your digital properties. We build them for you.

Ad Distribution

Our expertise with the new age Ad technology platforms enables us to distribute your ads on multiple forums and websites on our own server or on external servers as well. We assure dedicated viewership on leading Marathi, Hindi and English portals to create the perfect digital footprint.

Ad Diversity

We weave the story of your brand universally and flexibly with an array of formats such as static text and image ads, GIF ads, video ads, cinema graphic ads through banners and pop ups et al. A good mix of these can be used to nurture buyers until they are ready to become customers.

Ad Branding

Ideating on brand variations yet maintaining that consistency needs strong visualization. Making your brand identifiable over various Ad sizes is a herculean task. And to top it all, we need to retain the flavour across different Ad network specifications with device optimization.

Ad Targeting

Targeting is the most critical aspect of a marketing campaign. Right message to the right audience at the right time alone can ensure success of the Ad. While segmenting audiences for improved metrics we offer demographic, geographic, behavioural, and content targeting.

Ad Tracking

We provide a transparent picture of a combination of front end and back end metrics to track the success of the Ad. Impartial count of impressions, reach, clicks, and CTR with ROI can be analysed. We offer an individual dashboard to monitor all your ads through a secured login.