Digitization of Archives

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Business Organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Institutions, Lawyers, CA, CS actually everyone needs to maintain important documents. With the passing time, these documents and files become a huge pile on and then it becomes a tedious job as the space consumption keeps on increasing. Maintenance of documents is also a costly matter as print & paper may deteriorate.
Nowadays each and every big institution has Scanned Data Repository. However, being in image format the data is not searchable and is difficult to retrieve.
ScanTag Application developed by Bharati Web Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution to these issues and troubles. The ScanTag Application comes with the facility to tag the scanned images with multiple and unlimited tags. The front end User Interface allows the users, offline as well as online, to search the scanned data based on the tags thus making the entire repository searchable.

We Offer

Transformation of the rare and unique materials to digital formats through scanning services.

Digitization of all scanned documents/images.

Tagging of the digitised copy based on title, date, subject and author.

Facility to add additional tags at clients end.

Searchable data through a special ScanTag Application.

Comes with both online and offline module.