When you stop publishing content on website

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In this digital modern era, everybody would know how important a website with good content is for a business. Any business that does not have a professionally designed website is missing out on a powerful marketing tool.
Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online... A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business.
But, generally, for a corporate website, the management is of opinion that once a website is created, it will work forever. There is rarely any update to the website. It is a common belief that a website is just an online brochure of any company or organization which is made once with a good amount of investment & later-on kept static.
This is a very wrong practice. A website should never be static.
The content creation & updation should be an ongoing process that will keep the website alive.
The content can be in text, image or multimedia format or maybe a combination of all. 
Building new pages & new content is harder for some industries than others due to a lack of resources. While that is the case, the content creation can be outsourced to a professional company indulged in content creation
Always remember:
Never stop targeting new terms consistently. This results in fewer new keyword rankings and new traffic.
Never stop creating new pages that can be linked to, and the number of links you earn goes down.
Never stop capturing new visitors to add to your remarketing audiences, email list and push notification list.
Never stop generating content that can be used to create hub pages, which are master pages that link to all other pages on the topic. These often rank very well.
Never stop generating content that gets shared on social media, and thus, generates social media shares and traffic.
Never stop encouraging people to return to your website for new posts. This reduces your branded searches, which are an indicator of quality to Google.
If you stop this process, you’ll lose your competitive advantage. The people who win in the future of the web will be the ones converting traffic for less.
In simple words, If you stop creating content, it says to Google that your website is no longer as active as it was and thus beginning the process of dying a slow death.