UI & UX - What Is The Difference

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UI, or User Interface design is the placement of elements on a webpage to engage with your visitor. It talks to the design of the site & in my opinion, should be function-based.
The design should create an intuitive, functional yet beautiful interface. We believe that function dictates form & that a winning design is one which speaks of aesthetics while moving the client along to interact with the site fluidly. You should make sure that you visualize the website from your user’s perspective.
UX, which talks to the User Experience is the mechanisms employed to guide the user down a pre-set path to reach a specific goal. The UI & UX of your site works hand in hand & if applied correctly leads to a successful website, where your desired goals are reached.
In UI & UX the website is looked at from two different perspectives but with a common goal. When your designer looks at the website, they will think about what the page information would entail. Which visual elements can be applied to tell the story? What would make the interface desirable for the web user? Which tools can be applied to make the experience more interactive?
In a nutshell, the UI design will center on what tools can be applied to make the interface as pleasing as possible while making the best use of the space on the page.
When you look at UX you look at what you want to achieve. What are your goals on each page? What is the experience you want your web user to have? How can we make the information more credible? How will the interactions ultimately lead to goal conversion?
UI & UX can not be viewed in isolation. You need to be able to visualize the process & find ways that make sure that the interactions you desire from the site are attained. Keeping your target market/s in mind & understanding how they communicate will ultimately lead to more conversions on the site. Applying beautiful yet functional visual ques would enhance the user experience but starts with a clear outline of the user interface.
Being mindful of both these processes will ultimately ensure your website’s success but finding a happy medium will ensure that your business benefits greatly from your web presence.