Home appliances can slow down your internet speed ?!

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With unprecedented pressure on home internet connections because of work from home changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important to have a good speed to access the resources over the internet. Millions of people across the country staying at home amid the coronavirus lockdown, broadband, and mobile networks have found themselves under increased demand.

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From remote working to homeschooling, the number of households attempting to access the internet at the same time is causing connections to perform at slower speeds.
There are a number of factors that can affect the speed of your broadband connection. Your device may also not be set-up correctly or the line that provides the internet connection to your home may be damaged, while your internet provider's traffic management policies could also be a factor.
Users come across various tips & tricks to speed-up the browsing speed.
Some of the tips are pretty obvious like keeping the browser updated, keep router at the proper location, try wired rather than wireless, password-protecting your Wi-Fi and getting in touch with your service provider if things get bad.
Today we are sharing something that home users might not be aware of that might be slowing down their internet. And that is that some electrical devices, such as dimmers, can cause interference and affect internet speeds.
Halogen lamps, electrical dimmer switches, stereo or computer speakers, fairy lights, TVs and monitors and AC power cords have all been known to affect routers. Keep your router as far away as possible from other electrical devices as well as those that emit wireless signals such as cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. Try to place your router on a table or shelf rather than on the floor and keep it switched on.
Microwave ovens, heaters, cordless phones, and baby monitors are also good sources of interference. You can't banish them from your home just because you work from home now, but you can make sure the router is not right next to them.
Let's take care of these few things to get better working from home experience.